Tips on Keeping Your Yard Water-Smart

As Summer rolls into the dog-days, the Team here at Pro-Irrigation wanted to help you with some tips on using water management in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden.

  • Make your soil moisture friendly. Add compost to your soil and provide nutrients and retain water for healthy roots.
  • Cover it up. You can retain even more water (and fight weeds) by mulching your soil. Around trees and shrubbery, you’ll want to use a wood-type mulch, and more compost as mulch for your flowering areas. Your plants will thank you (and your weeds will hate you).
  • Pick the least thirsty plants. When possible, choose plants that use less water. The folks at your local nursery or your landscape designer can help you select plants that, once established, will be able to thrive during the drier summer months with a minimum of effort and water.
  • Group plants together. Again, use your landscape designer or the nursery staff to help you decide which plants to group together. When plants with similar hydration needs are growing side by side, your irrigation system doesn’t need to work as hard to decide where to put the water, and when. Your plants will be healthier as they are all receiving just the right amount of water.
  • Keep your lawn fluffy. Aerate periodically to avoid soil compaction. Compaction keeps the water from penetrating your soil and getting to the roots.
  • Mow higher. Raise your mower blades up to 1-2”. Mow regularly, and use a mulcher blade, which leave a nutrient-rich layer of free fertilizer (and keeps you from needing to bag the clippings).
  • Tune up your irrigation system. Eliminate waste and maximize efficiency by having your Pro Irrigation team come out for regular maintenance. With our summer specials, we’re making it easier than ever!

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The Importance of Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Your irrigation system works hard. It’s out there every day, making sure that your lawn, garden, and landscaping are getting just the right amount of water to just the right places. The structural and functional fortitude of your system is matched only by the precision and intricacy shown in how, when, and where it works.

Unfortunately, the very nature of your irrigation system means that it’s bound to get taken for granted. when something does its job so well and so reliably that you never have to think about it, small systemic flaws can start cropping up. Since the flaws start off at such a small scale, they’re not likely to be noticed until they have become big problems.

That’s why scheduling regular tune-ups is so important. In order to keep your investment (both above and below-ground) looking and performing at its best, some preventive and reparative maintenance is needed.

From aligning and maintaining sprinkler heads (maybe dinged by lawn-mowing and weed-whacking?) to replacing faulty valves and removing water-blocking root coverage, the Pro Irrigation Team is ready to keep your system in tip-top condition, so that you can continue not worrying about it.

Now is the perfect time to jump in on a maintenance plan for your irrigation system. Pro Irrigation is offering great deals to help you save money while you…save money!

What to look for in your Irrigation Installation

There are several factors at play in determining the effectiveness of your irrigation system. You must consider the design of your system, the parts used, and the quality of the labor that puts it all together.

With planning that takes into account all of the different factors of your space (with considerations such as the slope, the ground coverage, and the amount of sun vs. shade in any given area) ensures that you’re not under-watering any areas of your landscaping, and that you’re also not paying for water that simply goes down the drain.

Taking advantage of the latest and best irrigation technology means that your equipment will be able to distribute water evenly to all of the places that need to be watered, and that you’ll have the maximum level of water efficiency in your irrigation system. It also means that your  warrantees will stand for something, and that the manufacturer stands behind their parts.

Finally, you want to make sure that the team that installs your system really cares about irrigation in general, and about your installation especially. Your investment in your lawn and gardens, as well as your investment in your new system should both be top of mind to the people who are making it happen for you. When their work is quality, your ground is disturbed as little as possible, and your high-quality parts are able to function at their greatest efficiency.

At Pro Irrigation, all three of these considerations are our top priorities. When you truly care about your space, you want to work with people that care just as much.

This summer, we’re making it easier than ever to get started with the Pro Irrigation team.

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