Installing A Residential Irrigation System for Ultimate Lawn Control

When it comes to maintaining a yard that is aesthetically pleasing without having to spend an exhaustive amount of time on its upkeep there are few solutions which are as simple and elegant as installing a residential irrigation system. A residential irrigation system offers many benefits to a homeowner that enjoys taking pride in the appearance of their yard while under the confines of a busy schedule. Maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard no longer requires the constant surveillance and maintenance that it once did in the past. Installing a residential irrigation system will allow a homeowner to have ultimate control over the automatic maintenance of their yard.

One of the biggest benefits that a residential irrigation system offers to homeowners is that the ideal amount of water can be provided without having to manually hydrate the lawn and plants. Owners can put an end to the days of over or under watering their lawn and the damage that is caused by either of these landscaping missteps. A residential irrigation system can also help insure that the water is spread evenly and effectively across the entire yard. Many owners deal with dry spots or differences between sunny and shady areas of their lawn. With the control provided by this system it is possible to customize the amount of water that should be delivered to each area of the lawn.

Watering according to an ideal schedule is another challenge which is present in the world of lawn care. A residential irrigation system will allow the hydration process to continue without the homeowner’s presence being required. This is ideal for those with busy schedules who are not available to water their lawn and plants at the ideal time of day to insure that they remain as healthy as possible. The lawn and plants can be watered automatically at the ideal time of day with the timer system. The system also has a backup battery so that in the event of a power outage the cycle will not be disrupted.

By monitoring the amount of water delivered to the plants in a yard owner’s can avoid the over watering of plants. This will save money on the utility bill in the long term and can even offset the initial cost of installing a residential irrigation system. With all of the benefits available to homeowners it is easy to see how installing a system like this could be beneficial.

Preparing for Spring Lawn Seeding

With the end of winter comes the time to re-imagine the lawn as it should be. No more leaves on the ground, no more layer of snow covering everything, and the end of weather that keeps people indoors most of the time. Spring is a time when homeowners can make their lawns as nice and enjoyable as possible to be ready for the warmer weather which will bring folks outdoors. Here are some simple tips for those looking to prepare to seed their lawn this spring in order to return it to the glory that it has had in years past.

The first step in spring lawn seeding is the clean-up and removal process. Start by clearing away any leaves, sticks, and other winter debris which has settled into the area where you would like to grow your lawn. These can and will inhibit your lawns ability to grow evenly if not removed and can have a negative aesthetic effect on the finished product. It is better to take the time to create a clean slate early on than to have to back track once a lawn has grown in that doesn’t live up to expectations.

It is important to check that the dirt beneath the existing lawn is still level now that the cold weather has ended. If there are any high or low spots within the lawn area it will cause problems during watering and irrigation later down the road. Low spots will collect water and high spots will cause problems when going over the lawn with a mower. If there are any unleveled places within the lawn it is important to grab a shovel and begin evening out the base surface. Having a solid foundation to work with will make things much easier later in the process.

It is now time to aerate the area. It is important to break up the surface of the soil so as to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass and create rich soil for its continued health. It is recommended that aeration takes place one to two times a year and during spring reseeding is one of the best times that homeowners can choose. After aeration you can add any type of fertilizer in order to enrich the soil beneath your lawn. Once this is done you are ready to lay down the seed which will become your lawn. With proper preparation this will produce a lawn that anyone would be proud of for the rest of the season and throughout the summer. Using a professional irrigation system to water the lawn will help maintain its health and aesthetic beauty.

Is Your Yard Ready for a Vacation?

irrigation systems St. Louis

Sunny Days and Relaxing Thoughts
It might be hard to imagine, but right now is the best time to start planning your Spring/Summer vacation. The chaos of the holidays is behind us, travel prices and bookings are down, and tickets are still available for all the shows and attractions that you want to see.

Of course, there’s more to planning a vacation than simply picking a place and buying tickets. Preparations include everything from requesting off of work and arranging house-sitters to figuring out where the suitcases went.

Preparation is the key to success!

But what’s this got to do with your lawn?
Well, lots! Your property has to prepare for the warmer months as well. For many of you, that means an irrigation system.

Proper St. Louis irrigation means uniform growth, lush greenery, and less weeding! Having just enough water in just the right places means that your lawn can be on vacation all the time! Sitting back and letting the system do the work…that’s what vacations are all about!

And it helps with your vacation plans, too! Since you don’t have to worry about coming home to a beige carpet of dead grass, you don’t have to dread the return trip quite as much.

And after the vacation?
After your vacation, your lawn will stay on vacation! The system keeps working, keeping your greens green and your yard feeling fresh.

An added benefit is no more early mornings or interrupted evenings uncoiling the hose to stand and water the grass. No more missed family time or accidental over-watering.

Your irrigation system does all the hard work and keeps you in the green!

Pro Irrigation Can Help!
It might be hard to imagine, but right now is the best time to start planning your Spring/Summer vacation. Contact at Professional Irrigation Systems, and get your lawn’s vacation installation booked today!

Take A Moment to Re-imagine Your Lawn

Your Lawn and Westward Expansion

Picture your lawn at its best. Maybe it’s not even its best today…picture your lawn they way you pictured it when you first moved in. Lush, verdant, and rife with possibility.

It’s the platonic ideal of a lawn: an expanse of deep green, trimmed to a uniform length, the tips of the grass blades gently shifting with the light breeze. You look out, and that land-locked sea seems to beg for a cookout, a garden, or a game of tag.

From the edge of your porch to the border at your fence, your yard is an adventure waiting to happen. An expedition into the wilderness surrounding your home.

Now, as you look out over your yard, this vast green territory, perspective begins to shift. You’re the master of your space, an explorer! You are Lewis & Clark, looking westward to untamed spaces and untold adventure.

Your yard is the frontier, and can be the source of excitement and joy for as long as you continue to think about it that way.

But Wait!

Lewis & Clark were more than just Lewis & Clark. It was them and over thirty other folks that helped to chart and capture the west. They planned ahead, they had support, and they knew that—even though they were capable and strong—they couldn’t succeed on their own. They needed a team.

Who’s Your Team?

A lot goes into establishing and maintaining a beautiful lawnscape: the layout, the landscaping and hardscaping, and the lighting, just to name a few. Then you have your maintenance concerns: seeding, aerating, fertilizing, mowing, and watering are just for starters!

But you already know that. You’re already lashing canoes to the wagons and embarking on your journey to a magnificent lawn. You’re ready for your team.

The Professional Irrigation Systems family is ready, too! With years of servicing and building trust in your community, we’re the obvious choice to be on your crew. From installation to our Lawn Leaders maintenance plans, we know the lay of the land, we know what to expect, and we can’t wait to help you reach the frontier.

Contact Pro Irrigation today to sign up for the Lawn Leaders program, ensuring that your system is in perfect shape…for whatever adventures you might be planning.

The Best Plants for Your Professional Irrigation Systems in St. Louis, Missouri

professional irrigation systems in st. louis, missouri
Evergreen trees maintain their color even through the harshest winter conditions

With the winter season setting in, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their plants alive through the harsh conditions. Having a properly installed irrigation systems in St. Louis, Missouri is one to keep your vegetation healthy, but another way is to choose and raise plants that thrive in cold weather. For areas like St. Louis that generally receive heavy snow during the winter, this can be one of the best choices you can make to enjoy the greenery of your yard during the colder months of the year.

Evergreen Holly is a good choice for a winter plant. This plant is already used as a holiday decoration, which makes growing some in the yard practical reason for watering your frozen lawn. This plant grows well across the United States, so any yard can be improved by adding a bit of Evergreen Holly to the foliage.

If you prefer to raise vegetables in a personal garden there are certain crops that grow better in the winter. Some of these plants include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, leeks, onions, and turnips. This helps keep your garden active all year long and also provides you with tasty, natural treats for holiday meals. These foods are great ingredients for soups and stews and will help you keep a seasonal and locally sourced menu that doesn’t rely on produce flown in from warmer climates.

Berry bushes make great additions of color to any property during the colder months. They also attract local birds to your home which helps create a festive landscape filled with wildlife. Some of the best berry choices for winter are Firethornes, Chokecherries, and Chinaberries. These plants can withstand the colder temperatures and add a little bit of color to the yard during the wintertime.

By varying the plant life on your property, you can help make sure that your yard looks great all year round. No matter what types of plants go into the creation of a garden, they can all benefit from well-designed irrigation systems in St. Louis, Missouri. This will make sure that all of the plant life stays hydrated throughout the year and can save on the water bill when less moisture is needed. Professional Irrigation Systems in St. Louis, Missouri has all the information required to build the perfect irrigation solution for a winter garden that will make any home look fantastic.

Installing Professional Lighting During the 2013 Holiday Season

Professional Irrigation Systems Recommends Professional Lighting to Show Off Your Beautiful Yard
Professional Irrigation Systems Recommends Professional Lighting to Show Off Your Beautiful Yard

A beautiful yard comes as the product of a great professional irrigation system, which keeps plants healthy throughout the whole year. Once everything in the yard looks healthy and fresh, it is time to work on a system, which will help showcase the investment that has been made into the yard. The winter season is a great time to install a professional lighting system to show off the beauty of a well-cared for home and yard.

During the holiday season many people put up decorations around the home and yard. These create a festive atmosphere and draw attention to the home throughout the winter time. Once the holidays are over, all of the lights and decorations are then taken down again and stored until next year. A much better investment would be to install a lighting system that compliments the holiday decorations during the winter season, and then creates a pleasant ambiance throughout the rest of the year. A professional lighting system can help illuminate the work put into designing a creating and aesthetically pleasing yard in a subtle and impressive way.

Lighting throughout a yard can also provide an additional security advantage. A well-lit yard is a much less desirable target for those looking to burglarize a home and get away with it. Not only will a professional lighting system improve the visual aspects of a yard, but it can also increase the safety of the resident and their belongings. This is a much more elegant solution than a sign that warns of a dog or security alarm system.

For homes that have an area for guests to enjoy outdoors with paths running throughout the yard a lighting system provides an ideal solution to make guests more comfortable. Lighting running along the sides of a path makes it much easier to navigate for those utilizing it. Paths running through a garden with adequate lighting can make for a very pleasant experience that guests will be sure to enjoy. With all of the effort that is put into maintaining a yard that homeowners can be proud of it would be a shame if guests weren’t able to enjoy it when visiting after dark. A professional lighting system can help guests and homeowners enjoy the effort that has gone into keeping a yard looking its best all year round.

5 Reasons to Choose LED Lighting


The movement away from energy-guzzling incandescent light bulbs to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is just one way … of providing products that use less electricity

-FX Luminaire website

There are many reasons (beauty, security, value, etc.) to hire a professional to complete the look of your property with a sell-designed outdoor lighting system. But what is the advantage to LED lighting over Halogen bulbs? Here are five great reasons to choose an LED system:

  1. LEDs are efficient – Using only approximately 20% of the power of their halogen counterparts, LED fixtures end up costing less, lasting longer, and being better for the environment.

  2. LEDs are cool – With a lower energy consumption, heat sinks, and electronic sensors with smart technology, LEDs give off a minimal amount of heat, compared to their molten-hot cousins, again resulting in longer lamp and fixture life.

  3. LEDs are consistent – With a wider energy consumption range and temperature variance, traditional bulbs often burn too brightly or not brightly enough. LED fixtures run at a consistent rate, and the smart technology ensures that power is distributed appropriately across the network, shining at the perfect level all the time…without elaborate and expensive cable and wire arrangements.

  4. LEDs have longevity – Did you know that LED displays can burn for over 50,000 hours depending on how they are used? And even then, instead of popping into total darkness, LEDs will dim over time, allowing you to have your bulbs replaced at your convenience.

  5. LEDs encourage artistry – The many LED lighting styles, lenses, and hardware options available, combined with your property’s landscaping, hardscaping, and natural features mean that a professional designer and installer have a wide canvas and a full pallet when it comes to painting your space with light. The low relative expense and the minimal wiring needs mean that it’s even easier to beautify, secure, and add value to your home.

Contact Pro Irrigation today with any questions you might have about outdoor LED lighting. Our techs are excited to help you highlight the beauty of your home and increase the safety of your property.

Money-Saving Lawn and Garden Tips from Professional Irrigation Systems

Professional Irrigation Systems
Professional Irrigation Systems

Creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden takes a great deal of effort, hard work, and money.  Homeowners are always seeking beautiful green lawns and fresh fragrant flowerbeds.  Sometimes, the work these require can be overwhelming for homeowners, while some homeowners enjoy it.  It is easy for homeowners to spend way too much time and money on products, which don’t end up working.  Lawn maintenance and upkeep, if not done correctly can be ineffective.  Luckily having a nice lawn and garden doesn’t have to be difficult or so expensive.  Using a few money saving tips, homeowners with any time and money budget can have beautiful looking lawns and gardens without breaking their backs or their wallets.

Plan Before You Buy

This step may seem simple, but you would be surprised by how many people just wander into a lawn and garden store with no idea on what they want or truly need.  Take time before you go into the store and actually spend money to sketch out how you want your lawn and garden to look.  Do a little research online to find out what types of grass, flowers, trees and shrubs grow best in your region, and check to see how much maintenance and up keep they need.  Ask the professionals at the store which plants they would suggest for your desired amount of maintenance because this will save you time and money in the long run.


One of the easiest ways to say money is to install an irrigation system for your home.  Professional Irrigation Systems allows you to properly water your lawn and garden without the hassle of regular watering.  Save time and money by having an irrigation system installed in your yard.  It is good to do this during the planning stage so you can customize the system to fit your needs. This is where Professional Irrigation Systems can help.  They will install a system to meet your needs, allowing you better control over your lawn and garden.

Buy Smart

It is important to remember when you do start buying for your lawn and garden to do so in an education fashion.  Remember that having a nice garden is a process, so buy quality plants even if you need to do so in stages.  By keeping in mind that cheaper is not always better, you will insure in the long run, that your lawn and garden are easy to maintain.  Properly cared for with a professional irrigation system, your lawn and garden will be beautiful for years to come.

By following these simple tips you are on your way to having the lawn and garden you always dreamed of.  Contact the friendly team at Professional Irrigation Systems today to find out how they can help you grow your dream.

3 Tips for the Perfect Lawn from Professional Irrigation Systems

Every homeowner dreams of having a perfectly green and easy to manage lawn, but so many people give up after spending tons of time and money trying to improve their grasses quality.  The problem, generally is not working harder at it, but taking care of your lawn smarter.  Here are a few tips to get the lawn you have always dreamed of.

  1. Mow Smarter

The first rule is to always mow with a sharp blade, this keeps your grass health and less prone to disease.  When you cut your grass with a blunt blade you are effectively beating up the grass, damaging it and making it more vulnerable.  When you mow you also don’t want to cut your grass too short, cutting it too short will cause it to only grow quicker and need more water, making it a more high maintenance job.  And never mow on a wet lawn; this is how bald spots are formed.

  1. Irrigate Smarter

It is best to avoid overwatering a lawn.  So many people use inefficient methods to irrigate their lawn very much of the moisture ends up either evaporating, or running down the sidewalk.  Homeowners are left with high water bills and dead grass.  The secret is in the timing.   Many people choose to water during the day, or at sunset when they get off work, the key however is to water in the hour right before dawn.  This means the most cost effective, time effective and water efficient way to irrigate your lawn is to install an irrigation system.  While you need a professional to set one up for you, in the long run you will be saving money and time, while enjoying your beautiful green lawn.  For more information on your irrigation options click check out all Professional Irrigation has to offer.

  1. Fertilize Smarter

The worst thing you can do for your lawn is to over fertilize it.  This will cause it to grow faster, making it more unmanageable.  We are aiming to create the perfect lawn, and means one with as little hassle as possible.  Fertilizers can also be bad for the environment, so using as little as possible, or using natural fertilizers is the best option.  When choosing a fertilizer it is best to stick with one kind, your grass will grow much more effectively if you don’t change the fertilizer all the time.

How to Irrigate and Conserve Water – From Professional Irrigation Systems

Professional Irrigations Services and Water Conservation
Professional Irrigations Services and Water Conservation

When people think about having a beautiful lawn often times they feel conflicted because they also want to be environmentally friendly.  Traditional methods of irrigation, by hand or sprinkler watering, often times is inefficient and wastes water, leaving our plants thirsty and the environment hurting.  However, with Professional Irrigation Systems, we are able to maximize our water’s effectiveness, lower our environmental footprint and save some money.

The first thing a homeowner would need is to install the right kind of irrigation system. Professional Irrigation Systems has many options depending on the size of your property, and the kind of house you have.  Conservation irrigation systems start with a rain collection feature, where rainwater is collected off your house, usually the roof top, and stored in a cistern. These systems can range from being very simple, or extremely complex.

These types of irrigation systems are especially helpful for places where water is limited or costly.  People using rainwater collection systems on average save thousands of dollars a year supplementing regular water use with collected rainwater.

Collecting rain water for irrigation systems is not only environmentally friendly because it allows us to use less water from the tap, but it is also helpful because it reduces harmful pollution runoff from rain.  Because the water is collected in a cistern, all the pollution it has picked up or could have wasted into our sever systems, is also collected.  This drastically reduces the rate of harmful runoff.

It is important when purchasing a conservation irrigation system you not only purchase a quality system, but also, you have it installed by a professional to insure the system is working properly.  You will save no time, money or water if the system is installed wrong. This is why working with Professional Irrigation Systems is a great idea. They have the best products on the market, as well as a team of trained professionals ready to help you meet your irrigation and conservation needs.  And once your system is installed there is no need to worry because they offer services to help you with your system throughout the year.

Whether you are looking for an irrigation system for your private residence or commercial landscaping, considering a conservation irrigation system is a smart investment for your time, money and for the environment.  Check out the wide range of products and service Professional Irrigation offers its customers. You can have the beautiful lawn and garden you have always wanted, while feeling good about the environment.

About Professional Irrigation Systems:
Professional Irrigation was established in 2001 and is based out of Lake St. Louis. For the past 12 years, Pro-Irrigation’s priority has been giving customers irrigation systems that save time, money, and water. Pro-Irrigation Systems always take the time to ensure that the best system is installed for the customer’s home. Educating customers on how there system works also makes Pro-Irrigation stand out from the competition.

In March of 2012 Professional Irrigation joined forces with Water Tech Irrigation in South County to form the best service company in the Metro St. Louis area as voted by an independent agency. Water Tech Irrigation has been in business since 1986 and is one of the most highly respected companies in the irrigation industry. For more information on Professional Irrigation Systems, Please visit the homepage at or call 636.695.7800.