Mid-Season Tune Up Summer 2013

Your Pro Irrigation system works hard for you. Every day during the summer, it’s out there making sure that your lawn, garden, and landscaping are getting just the right amount of water to just the right places.

Just like your car, it’s important to schedule regular tune-ups to keep your investment (both above and below-ground) looking and performing at its best.

With a discounted rate for a minimal amount of preventative work, you’re ensuring cool, green, beautiful grounds and avoid many potential pricey dangers that stem from neglect.

Your Pro Irrigation Mid-Season Tune Up features up to one hour of included work on:

  • Alignment and maintenance of sprinkler heads
  • Replacement of faulty valves
  • Removal of water-blocking root coverage

The Pro Irrigation Team is ready to keep your system in tip-top condition, so that you can continue enjoying the benefits.
At $49, it only makes sense to sign up today for a mid-season tune up, and optimize your property’s curb appeal right away!

Call 636-695-7800 or schedule your Tune-Up online today!