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Let Professional Irrigation Systems help bring your yard back to its healthiest and keep it that way.

With our one-day, minimally invasive installation services, we can show you and your lawn greener days in no time. A properly installed sprinkler system means you’ll no longer worry about over-watering or sky-high water bills.

Find out what installing underground sprinklers can do for your yard.

Installing a Sprinkler System Has Many Benefits

Whether it’s a residential or commercial irrigation system, installing a sprinkler system will offer advantages you’ll notice all year.

  • Save Water – Conservation is not just great for the environment, but also great for your water bill.
  • Save Time – Forget wasting energy and time holding a hose to water your yard. Because an underground sprinkler system works on its own, it helps open up your schedule so you can do the things you love.
  • Save Money–The benefits in savings outweigh the initial cost of installing the sprinkler system. It pays for itself sooner than you think.

Greener Lawns Start at: $2,495

With our one-day, minimally invasive sprinkler installation services, we can show you and your yard greener days in no time.

  • Enjoy a worry-free, beautiful lawn
  • Conserve water, save money
  • No over-watering

 One Day Is All It Takes.

At Professional irrigation Systems we know how important it is to make your lawn look its best, and we do exactly that. We can install a minimally invasive sprinkler system that will not just get your lawn and landscape back to health, but also maintain that level so it looks its best all season long.