The Benefits of Wi-Fi Hydrawise Controllers

Making sure your lawn stays healthy takes a lot of work, especially maintaining your watering schedule. There are some days you’ll do anything to make that process easier.

Traditional sprinkler systems definitely help keep the grass alive and lush, but they can waste too much water and take up a lot of your time.

Not only is that bad for the environment as a whole, it’s hard on the wallet too. You obviously don’t want to give up your luscious lawn, so what’s an easy way to save water and money?

A Wi-Fi-controlled irrigation system. Welcome to the future.


Advantages of Using a Wi-Fi Controller

1. Everything is easily controlled and set up

You might be thinking “a Wi-Fi controller for my irrigation system might be nice, but I bet the set up is too much work for it to be worth it,” and you’d be mistaken. The controller has a helpful, onscreen guide that helps you get started and connect to your Wi-Fi router.

After that, you can use the mobile app or the Web interface to schedule when your irrigation system turns on.

 2. Monitor your system even when the Wi-Fi is down

Unlike many other automated irrigation systems, there’s no need to worry when your Internet goes down. You can still control your Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Controller using the touchscreen controller.

 3. Easily detect malfunctions

If you aren’t an irrigation professional, then it’s harder for you to diagnose problems like faulty wiring or malfunctioning valves. Fortunately, the Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Controller tracks your system’s valves and wiring, and it’ll notify you if it detects abnormal currents that could be caused by a broken wire or short circuits.

 4. Save water

New water bill after installing your irrigation system got you worried? The Hydrawise Controller will adjust the watering schedule based on Internet-sourced local weather data. This will take a load of your mind and lead to significant water savings from your sprinkler system.

 5. Manage your lawn from anywhere

You could be in a hammock on a remote beach and know what’s going on with your lawn with a glance at your phone. The Hydrawise Controller takes away all of the inconvenience in maintaining your lawn, making it a breeze to have a luscious and healthy lawn.


Want a Wi-Fi Controller for Your System? You Know Who to Call.

We only offer the most innovative products and services so you can select the right mix of quality and cost for you and your budget. We will work with you to make sure your lawn is as healthy as it can be with the best products and team on the market.

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