Irrigation Is What We Do

Unlike other companies that try to be all things to all people, we’re a business of professionals committed to one goal: ensuring that the grass really is greener where you are.

Because lawn and landscape irrigation is our main focus, we go out of our way to deliver what our customers want most, professionals who actually do what they say they’re going to do. Arriving on time every time, with the right tools, and above all – having the right attitude to care for both your lawn and you.

Our 5-Star Experience

The 5-star service you demand can now be found outside of your favorite hotel or restaurant. The pros at Professional Irrigation Services believe you deserve it everywhere you look, everyday, starting with your lawn and landscaping sprinkler systems. We call it the 5-Star Experience:

  • We provide superior products and knowledge you’d expect from the industry leader
  • We deliver what we promise
  • We’re courteous of your time
  • We communicate the way you want
  • We deliver value the way you see it

Trust Our Knowledgeable and Professional Staff to Install Your Irrigation System

Each representative – from management to designers – have years of industry sprinkler systems experience they rely on to help you get the lawn you’re proud to own. They are available to answer any questions, concerns and doubts you may have about installing a new lawn irrigation system.

Let the pros at Professional Irrigation Systems help you make the best choice for your lawn and landscape. We’re here to give you all the information, support and time you need to make an informed decision on the lawn sprinkler system that’s right for you. Call (636) 695-7800.